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What if your passengers loved their transports ? 

Enrich your counting data with Webreathe

Innovative solutions to improve the offer on your network

Our story

Our startup, Webreathe, was created in 2018 to develop automated people counting solutions focused on improving user experience and optimizing public transport networks.

Webreathe relies on miniaturized 3D stereoscopic sensors to provide real-time geolocalized monitoring of your passenger flows with high precision through a dynamic, intuitive interface. 

Our technology

Our vision

By modelizing passenger
flows and regulating transport systems  while simultaneously informing users,
Webreathe helps you provide the best public transport offer for a smart city. 

What Webreathe brings to your network 

Automated, geolocalized people counting systems provide accurate passenger flows per vehicle, bus stop, line, and for the network as a whole. 


This statistical input helps you regulate and adjust your transport services and curb fare evasion. 

What our customers are saying

After installing the Webreathe solution, we performed manual counting that complied 100% with reliability. 


What Webreathe brings to your passengers. 

Offer your passengers a new positive experience by letting them know in real time whether a bus will be late or overcrowded, and by suggesting alternatives.  

Improve your ability to meet user expectations (hours, frequencies, etc.) by optimizing your network coverage based on ridership studies. 


Labelisation Innovations Achats Publics

2ème IA et Big Data

Accélérateur Innovation Mobilité


Labellisation Innovations Achats Publics

Vainqueur IA et Big Data

Accélérateur Innovation Mobilité

Accélérateur Innovation Mobilité

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