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Passenger counting

Each vehicle is equipped with a stereoscopic 3D sensor and a calculator/transmitter that conveys information either in real time or  at regular intervals. 

The information is stored on a dedicated server and can be enriched with a simple API thanks to SAE, interactive information kiosks, and ticketing systems. 

Flow management

Timestamped boarding and disembarking data by vehicle, bus stop, and line make it possible: 

Person 13.png
Person 12.png
Person 11.png

For Operations to regulate the network in real time: frequency, bus type, bus  bunching

For Marketing to improve their offer to customers  in terms of passenger information, service plan, frequencies and hours. 

For Ticket inspection services to quickly target and curb fare evasion. 

For the Transport Authority to boost its public transport offer for a Smarter City . 

Webreathe has developed a user interface that enables you to pilot your network and services more smoothly than ever 

Thanks to a dedicated interface, enjoy a set of features that will grant each of your team members access to key information. 


Network settings

The system can be implemented simply by importing GTFS data 


Analysis and Reporting

Generate graphs and XLS exports for analyzing histories, report it to the transport authority, forecasting


Network vizualisation 

Operations can visualize all buses, stops, and lines on its map in real time 


Real-time regulation 

Ensure you can take swift action on any given line by displaying it in “thermometer” view


Alerting & Forecasting 

The transport offer can be tailored thanks to overcrowding alerts and ridership 


Passenger information

Passengers get real-time information about delays and forecasted overcrowdings


Targeting fare evasion 

Inspection services are able to target and curb fare evasion


Equipment maintenance

Technical teams are constantly aware of how cells and transmitters are doing


 SAAS Plans



Data Feedback

Mail support

1 monthly .xls report Daily attendance per vehicle

Historique : Analyse, graphique de vos flux, et export au format .csv 

Monitoring : État du fonctionnement des équipements 


Geolocated data feedback D+1 


Tableau de bord : État du réseau et serpent de charge en temps réel 

Web interface

People flow geolocalisation

Home page: Social media news, weather forecast



Toutes les fonctionnalités du plan AVANCÉ 


Support by phone and email + tickets tracking

Web interface

People flow geolocalisation in real time (bus, line, bus stops)

Home page: Social media news, weather forecast